At Christian Garcia we have practiced the fine art of individual, handmade tailoring for three generations -in Spain; Cuba; and the United States. Over the years we have studied and perfected our knowledge of custom tailoring, learning from time honored traditions and intelligent new developments, always with the goal of crafting only the best clothes a man can possibly wear in any continent. We have never compromised. Our clientele demands not only the finest fabrics, workmanship and service, but also that most unusual value: one-man designer line.

While even at the highest levels of the men's clothing collections, the client must satisfy himself with a designer's caprice - too often guided by frivolous winds of trend - at Christian Garcia we design for one client at a time. We work with a client's individuality, both physical and internal, engaging him in a singular dialogue: what the client wants. In the end, a man will walk out with two names sewn inside his garments: ours and his. A style of one's own.

True custom tailoring is an endangered art. Once a necessity to a gentleman, bespoke clothes are so rare these days that tailoring as a profession to its practitioners and an avocation to the well-dressed man has become positively exotic. An acquaintance with off-the-rack designer trends does little to ensure elegance. Neither do a number of maneuvers created to replace the artistry of measuring, cutting, sewing, pressing and fitting -all in house. Even men who feel they are paying for the best service of the tailoring craft often find themselves, without knowing it, wearing factory produced goods.