Entirely assembled by hand, from the garment silhouette to the material to the ultimate touches. Besides providing the customer with absolute comfortability, aesthetic appeal is foremost.

Unlike ready-to-wear or made-to-order clothing based on existing plates and systematic procedures, bespoke clothes begin with a #2 pencil, a roll of 70lb pattern making paper, a set of particular rulers and some other devices managed by a trained artisan who besides having all the technical knowledge acquired through a long and arduous training, possesses an innate and inexplicable quality that allows him to transform a vast number of measurements plus all the observed customer's body peculiarities into a well balanced work of art.

Crafting a bespoke garment begins with the customer's choosing of a style accompanied by the master bespoke tailor, the expert of experts in the world of clothing. There are infinite parts in a bespoke garment. The only limit lies in the imagination of the client delicately influenced by the master tailor's guidance and the fashion trends of the moment.

That process is impossible to be made from abroad and without having seen the man who is trying to get a bespoke piece.